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Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:36 pm



Aki Fusato Story

I went to the pharmacy to find a body spray deodorant, then I found something that caught me eye. A Michael Jackson body spray deodorant, "Michael Jackson X" and what do we have here. "Bad 25 Limited Edition". I bought 5 of those and headed home.

I headed to Aki's house first to give her the Michael Jackson X deodorant Bad 25 limited edition. I knocked on her door and she answers the door.

"Oh hi Joe. how's your baby girl Hinata?" she smiles all flirty same as always,

"She's fine, despite I have to feed her in the middle of the night which is tiring and stressful, but she's still a loving angel." I said,

"Aaawww. That's sweet." Aki said,

"Looks like you're doing well with the baby." I said as I felt her stomach,

"Yeah, the baby's doing well." Aki smiled, oh yeah I forgot she's now about 6 months pregnant.

"May I come in?" I asked,

"Oh...yes." Aki said,

"You wouldn't believe what I found..." I said as I was looking through my bag,

"Michael Jackson X Bad 25 body spray."

"Oooooh!" Aki squealed, then she smells the fumes coming from me.

"Ooh...did you spray some on?" Aki asked blushing,

"Oh yeah, I tried it on on my way home." I said, Aki was getting hotter and her loins were aching,

"I'll be right back. I have to use the bathroom." Aki said as she rushes off to the bathroom.

"Okay..." I said,

As she enters the bathroom, she moans out loud.

"AOOH! That smell...is make me horny! Ah!", she took her top off, unzips her jeans, puts her left hand onto her breast and her other hand went down inside her panties and starts to masturbate.

"Ah! Oh! Oh Michael!" she moans,


Aki inside the Wembley Stadium locker room and Michael Jackson was just inside removing his clothes for shower time during the interlude. As Michael removed his boxers, Ai saw a full view of his ass as he was about to turn the water on for a quick shower Aki rushed over swiftly and leaps on Michael.


"Michael shrieks as Aki jumps onto Michael's naked body and now both wet,

"Why are you here and how did you get in here?" Michael asked looking flustered,

"I love you Michael and....Oh!" Aki said then she got distracted by the sweet scent from Michael, it's the same scent from the body spray.

"Oh Michael. I'm all achy and hot all over. I want you to seduce me!" Aki moans,

"But I have a show to perform." Michael said,

"We'll do a quickie. TAKE ME NOW!" Aki exclaims.

A few minutes later,

"Ah! Ah! Faster! Harder! Oh yes!" Aki moans, Michael thrusts her faster and silly doing doggy style and Aki can feel each thrusts as her breasts were squished to the wall.

"Oh yeah! Come on baby! Harder! Ah! Ah!" Aki moans with a happy sex face,

"I think I'm gonna burst!" Michael moans,

"Yes! Cum inside me love muffin! Oh!" Aki moans, then Michael's seed spews out and inside Aki.

"AAAAAH!" Michael screams his orgams out,

"I'M CUMMING! AAAAAAAH!" Aki screams,

(End of Dream)

"I'M CUMMING! AAAAAAAH!" Aki screams and squirts her juice soaking her panties, I heard her screaming and rushed over to the bathroom, I opened the door and...

"Aki! What's wrong!? I heard...." I panicked then I froze as I saw her half naked with her soaked hand inside her crotch and I turned my head. Awkward....

"Let me guess. Sex dream? Again about Michael?" I aksed,

"Uh...both correct. Heeheeheehee." she giggles,

"Well then...I better be going home now. Bye." I said and left,

"Bye." Aki waved still feeling awkward.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:38 pm

Terri Viscom Story

Since the weird incident with Aki, I honestly have no idea what's going on except I guessed she has sexual dreams about Michael for 82nd since I've known and I heard she has countless sex dreams of Michael about 1,237 times since her days in college.

Anyways, along the way I ran into Terri Viscom's house and I should mention little about her, I met Terri in high school, she's a freshman in her first year while I'm a senior in my final year, she's has nice brown curly hair almost as curly as Michael's, she's a very shy girl, but absolutely sweet and I later found out she has a couple of crushes, Michael Jackson and me. I don't know why me, I guess I was a very decent guy with and stood up to her because some guys loves to harass her, she's so intimidated by that her older sister Monica defends her and kicks these idiots asses. Monica is very spunky, but really fun to hang out with.

I found Terri at her front yard and I called for her.

"Hey Terri!"

"Ah! Oh....Hi Joe." Terri flustered then smiled,

"Um...would you like to come inside?" she asked,

"Sorry. I have to get home. But I thought I drop by to give you this." I showed her the Michael Jackson X body spray deodorant,

"Is that Michael Jackson X?" Terri asked gleefully,

"Sure is." I said,

"Yay! I wanted one of those. Thank you." she hugs me,

"Anytime. Well see ya." then as I head off, Terri went inside the inside house and tried out the body spray on herself, the smell was pleasant and smells like Michael Jackson alright, then suddenly her heartbeats loud.

"Huh?" she gasped, her heartbeats rapidly and her body heats up like scorching humid day,

"What's going? Why am I so hot and panting so hard? Oh no. I'm getting urges." Terri thought, her hand was reaching inside her shorts and in her panties, she tries to resist by grabbing her hand,

"No. I can't resist these urges. Must...not...touch myself." Terri said to herself, but she can't fight it off and she finally got into her shorts and in her panties, puts her fingers to her already wet pussy and now masturbating.

"Ah! Oh!" she moans as she thought to herself,

"Oh no. I'm really touching myself. Oh my. It feels so good and I can still smell Michael's scent. Oh Michael I want you!"

"Oh! Michael! I want you baby! Ah! Ah! Oh!" Terri moans,


Terri was inside the hotel room suite, it was dark and there are vanilla scented candles already lit and she found Michael behind her wearing a towel on his waist,

"Hi Terri."

"Oh Michael. I....uh...why are you wearing a towel?" Terri asked with a very shy look,

"I just took a shower. Are you ready baby?" Michael asked,

"For what?" she asked blinking,

"To make love, my love." he said as he removes the towel and now bare naked in front of Terri,

Terri gasped, then she hides her face from looking at Michael's naked body, he slowly walks over and opens her hands from her face,

"It's okay. You don't have to be shy." he said, then he gently pushed to her to the bed,

"But Michael I can't, I mean we shouldn't." Terri said blushing deeply,

"I know, but I wanna show my love about how it's done. It's okay, don't be scared." he whispers calmly, smiles and then kisses her.

As Michael kisses Terri, he took off her shorts and panties, then puts his fingers to her pussy, then she moans by the touch of Michael's fingers.

"Mmm...Michael, don't touch me down there. Ah!" she moans,

"Shh. I promise I'll be gentle my love." Michael whispered, then continues to masturbate Terri, she took off her top and bra off and now naked, she kisses Michael, then she reaches for Michael's p***s and started stroking it, they moaned as they masturbated each other, then Michael started to reach for Terri's right breast and starts to like her nipple,

"Oh Michael. Don't lick me there. It tickles." Terri moans, she stared to lick his nipple back and made Michael ticklish. Michael is now long and hard and Terri is now wet, they're ready for loving.

"Are you ready Terri?" Michael asked,

"Yes Michael, do what you want with me." Terri said while she lies on her back, Mchael starts to put himself into Terri and starting a missionary position,

"Ah! Ow!" Terri moans,

"Did I hurt you my love?" Michael asked,

"No. Just keep going. I want it faster." Terri smiles, he starts to thrust her faster and then harder,

"Ah! Ah! Oh! That feels so good Michael. Oh!" Terri moans, then shortly they both can feel an orgasm setting it,

"I'm gonna cum Michael! Ah!" Terri moans,

"Me too! Ah! Oh!" Michael moans, then suddenly, Michael finally spews his seed inside Terri.

"I LOVE YOU!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!" they scream,

(End of Dream)

" AAAAAAAAAAH!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!" Terri screams as she squirts her juice both her panties and shorts soaked and she was even pinching her nipple as she came. She pants her breath as she got her hand out of her panties, she stares at her soaked finger.

"My god, is this why I started thinking of Michael now? Or maybe it's the deodorant?" she thought to herself until she severely realizes something,

"AH! I have my first sex dream of Michael! I'M A PERVERT!!!" she screams, then she fainted. I hope no one is coming over to her house with her soaked shorts and fingers. Sorry Terri I wish I could be back to help get your conscienceness back. Hee.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:42 pm

Jenna Ryder Story

I stopped by to the Myna convenience store for a quick check. I checked the magazine shelf, there's Playboy, Barely Legal, Sports magazines like The Hockey News, Sports Illustrated, Sportsnet magazine, tabloids and local newspapers and nothing. I checked a little more and I ran into Jenna Ryder.

Jenna is one of Sarah's best friends and she's the 3rd rank of all the girls I knew for the biggest breast behind Aki Fusato, but Jenna has the biggest butt, plus she too is a major Michael Jackson fan, she's been his fan since HIStory era, she's slightly perverted at times, but she's very perverted over her fetish to slime, not too many girls love slime or slimy things, but Jenna is a rare case. She often fantasized about getting slime by Slimer from "The Real Ghostbusters". Again like a few girls I mentioned Jenna also have grown attractions towards me. We first met on the beach and claims I'm very sexy and since then she's had a major crush on me.

"Oh hi Joe." Jenna smiled as she found me,

"Hi Jenna." I smiled,

"We're you looking for porno?" Jenna teases,

"WHA? NO! Jeez I'm not into that!" I answered agitated,

"I'm kidding." she giggled as I grew a little red,

"Think fast." I said as I tossed the body spray to Jenna,

"Whoa." she caught it and saw it was Michael Jackson X,

"Ooooh. Michael Jackson X? Yum Yum." Jenna smiled,

"You can have it, I got a couple for me and Sarah. I'm off." I said and then headed out for which I'm almost home, not far from the Myna.

"Hey Joe, don't you wanna head usptairs and stay for a drink?" Jenna called asking,

"Sorry I have to get back home. Another time." I called,

Jennawent outside and headed upstairs because she lives in the apartment above Myna, she headed to her room. Then she went to take a shower and after she's done she went to her bedroom to change, she sprayed some deodorant on before she gets dressed. After she removes her towel now naked, she's getting the side effects like rapid heartbeats, heavy panting, body heat and now getting horny.

Jenna went down on her shaky knees, still slightly wet from her shower, she's not getting wet down her crotch and she places her fingers so she started masturbating,

"Oh! Why am I so horny? Why am I horny for Michael?" she thought,

"Ah! Ah! Oh! Ah! My pussy is so hot! I can't stop! Ah!" Jenna moans,

"Oh Michael! Ah!" she moans again,


Jenna found Michael in the dark part of the woods in the park with a slightly dim light on, she's shirtless with his black jeans on, then she licks her lips, walks up to Michael looking sexy and it's sex time.

Michael thrusts Jenna hard with her back against the tree.

"Ah! Ah! Harder Michael! Ah! Give it to me! Ah!" Jenna moans, later she went down on her knees to the ground and started sucking on Michael's soaked p***s,

"Oh! You're really good Jenna. Oh!" Michael moans,

"Your c**k is soooo hot and delicious Michael." Jenna smiles, she strokes his p***s more and continues sucking on it, while she still sucking, Jenna playfully licks the tip causing Michael to reach orgasm,

"Oh no. Ah! It's coming!" Michael moans,

"Yes. Cum on me Michael." Jenna stops sucking and continues stroking until,

"OOOH!!!" Michael screams and squirts out his seed on Jenna's face,

"Ooooh!" Jenna shakes and drops herself to the ground loving the ticklishness of his slimy seed. Remember her fetish.

"Jenna. Are you okay?" Michael asked,

"Oooh yeah. That's my secret fetish." she smiled, See.

Later, Michael thrusts Jenna from behind with her breasts squished to the tree, he even slaps her ass numerous time,

"Oh yeah! Ah! Spank me again! Ah!" Jenna moans as Michael slaps her again,

"Ah! Ah Yes! Yes!" she moans with a happy sex face, then suddenly,

"Oh! I'm gonna cum Michael!" she moaned,

"Me too!" he moaned, then their orgasm is reached in time,

"AAAAAAAAH!!!" they screamed as Michael's seed spews inside Jenna.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAH!!!" Jenna screams and squirts her juice from her pussy and her fingers were wet from that.

"Oh wow. That was the most intense sex dream I have." she said to herself,

"Ooooh! I freaking love it!" she squeals as her boobs bounce and she giggles. She started getting dressed, then cleaned the pussy juice stain from the floor.

Meanwhile, I made it back home and as I went inside to see my girls.
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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:44 pm

Tiffany Lee Wensink Story

A young woman with a long brunette hair with one side covering her face and wearing a blue dress showing her cleavage stopped by to the pharmacy. She found a Michael Jackson X deodorant.

"Oooh la la. What a sexy product." she said,

Okay. That woman is Tiffany Lee Wensink, I really don't know her much, but I met her once at the library, I was reading one of my MJ books and she told me she adores Michael, we've chat a little about Michael and that was it. I should also mention she's in no relation to former Boston Bruins enforcer John Wensink.

So Tiffany Lee bought the body spray and headed home. As she headed inside her house, she rushes to her room, strips off her clothes and now headed for a shower. While washing her breasts, she played with them a little think Michael Jackson would love to check out her titties and play with them.

"Oh Michael. If you're still alive right now, I would let you do anything with my boobs." Tiffany Lee said to herself sighing, later she got out and she sprayed deodorant on her.

"Oh. I can smell Michael." she daid as she sniffed the spray and then,

"Ah!" she moans when her heartbeats rapidly, her nipples were already erect because she just got out of the shower and still wet, she rubs her breast then puts her fingers into her crotch to masturbate.

"Oh! Ah! Oh! Why am I soooo horny? Ah! I can't stop touching myself. Ah!" Tiffany Lee moans, she pants hard as she starts to get wet from her crotch,

"Ah! Oh Michael! Touch me! Ah! Ah! Touch me! F*** me! Ah!" she moans.


Tiffany Lee is in the shower naked, she saw someone abut to get in the shower with her,

"Eek!" she squeals and covers her breasts, then he opened the curtains and it was Michael Jackson.

"Is something wrong baby?" Michael asked,

"Uh...no. I'm glad it's you Michael, cause I wanna show you my breasts." Tiffany Lee smiles then reveals her breasts to Michael,

"Do whatever you want to my breasts." she said, Michael decides to touch her breasts, he plays with them by rubbing,

"Oh! Oh! Oh yeah! Touch me there baby.Oh!" she moans, later Michael started teasing her by licking and sucking her nipple,

"Ooooh! Keep licking my nipple Michael. Ooooh!" she moans, then her hand reaches for his p***s,

"Oh my. Give me your c**k Michael." she said and touched his p***s, as Michael still sucks on Tiffany Lee's breast, she strokes his big p***s.

"Oh! Tiffany Lee, what are you doing?" Michael asked moaning,

"I'm playing with your hot sexy c**k silly. I wanna hear you moan." Tiffany Lee teases,

"Oh! Oh! Ah! Ah!" Michael moans,

"Oh yeah baby. You sound hot and cute when you moan sexually when I play with your c**k." Tiffany Lee smiles, then she notices his p***s erects so long she wanted to suck on it.

"Ooooh! Oh my your c**k is huge." she said with a pervert look licking her lips, then she kneels down and sucks on his p***s, she even masturbates herself while sucking on Michael's p***s,

"Oh! Ah! Don't tease me like that Tiffany Lee. Ah!" Michael moans,

"Oh? But I love your c**k and I wanna suck som more." she teases,

"But I'm gonna...Ah!" he moans as he's about to squirt his seed,

"Not yet." she said, as she continues sucking his p***s,

"Ah! Ah! I'm gonna CUM! AAAAAAAH!!!!" Michael moans then screams, Tiffany Lee got his p***s out from her mouth and aims to her breasts, then he squirts his seed onto her breasts and nipples,

"Oooh! I love when you squirt cum on my tits. That was hot." she smiles, then starts getting up with a very perverted look,

"Uh...what are you doing?" Michael asked,

"F*** me you sexy! RAWR!" she jumps on Michael then puts his p***s into her pussy and have sex in a cowgirl position faster.

"Ah! Ah! Ah yeah! Ah! Yeah keep f***ing me Michael! Ah!" she moans loud,

"Ah! Ah! Not so fast! Ah! I'll cum again! Ah!" Michael moans,

"Yes! I want you to...Ah! Cum inside me! Ah! Touch my ass and squeezed em'! Ah! Ah!" she moans with a happy sex face, then Michael grabs her ass, then they can feel an orgasm coming,

"I'm cumming Michael! Cum inside now! Ah!" Tiffany Lee moans,

"I'm cumming Tiffany Lee!" Michael moans,

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" they screamed as Michael spews his seed inside Tiffany Lee.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Tiffany Lee screams and squirts her juice,

"Oh! Yeah..." she pants and drops down to the floor on her side smiling,

"Oh yeah. I love having sex dreams with Michael. That was so hot." she said to herself licking her lips,

"And he touched my breasts. Oooh!" she squeals,

"I wanna do a 69 next time and I can suck on his c**k again while he licks me." she giggles.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:46 pm

Sarah Kiss Story

"Hey I'm home! How are my girls?" I called,

"Hi honey!" Sarah called as she heads downstairs to see me home, she saw me and kissed me.

"Where's Hinata? I wanna see my baby doll." I asked, yep Hinata is our first child and daughter, we named her after Hinata Hyuga from Naruto and she's born on the same as Michael Jackson's birthday.

"I took Hinata to see my parents." Sarah said,

"Oh. Her first visit to her grandparents. That's sweet." I said,

"Oh. I bought 2 Michael Jackson X deodorant Bad 25 limited edition." I showed her the body spray,

"They were here?" Sarah asked,

"Yeah. It's a good thing too." I said,

"Are you gonna try it out?" she asked,

"I'm about to right now." I answered and sprayed myself with a deodorant on and Sarah smelled me,

"Oooh. You smell like Michael alright." she smiled,

"Yep. I gotta put a few Spongebob stuff in Hinata's room." I said as I headed upstairs and I heard Sarah followed me. As I got the Spongebob stuff in Hinata's room. I turned and found Sarah sweating and panting.

"Honey? What's wrong? Are you sick?" I asked,

"I'm just so hot and horny." Sarah pants,

"What?" I exclaimed, then she swiftly strips off her clothes including her bra and panties. Yep she's naked,

"Joe. Take everything off, I wanna have sex now!" she moands and she pushes me down to the floor and took all my clothes off,

"Sarah. Sarah! What's going on?" I panicked, in Sarah's vision, she's going to have sex with Michael, but actually it's me, then she looks down at my crotch and my p***s has been erect since she pushed me down.

"Oh wow. Look how big your dick is." she smiles pervertedly, I was so shaken up and Sarah licks her lips,

"Now I wanna suck that sucker." she said and indeed she started sucking on me,

"Oh! Oh! Sarah!" I moaned, her tongue feels so good, she started licking the tip and I was slightly tickled,

"Mmmm. Oh so delicious. Mmm" Sarah moans as she continues sucking and stroking me,

"Oh! Oh! Oh honey!" I moaned, she stops sucking, but she continues to masturbate my p***s,

"Sarah. I never seen you do that to me before." I moaned,

"That's because your p***s is long, hard, sexy and hot." she smiled,

"Now lick me." she continues, then she turns around and her ass was just inches to my face and I did lick her good.

"Ooooh! Your tongue feels soooo good." she moans really ticklish, while I lick her pussy, she continues to suck my p***s again. 69 position. Sarah and I never done that before until now. We continued licking and sucking each other and we're going for a doggy position. I put myself inside Sarah and...

"OH! Ah!" I moaned as I thrust Sarah hard,

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh Michael!" she moaned,

"Ah! Michael?" I thought to myself continued thrusting my wife hard and fast,

"Ah! Ah! Oh! Yes! Yes! Ah!" she moaned, I can feel an orgasm,

"Honey I'm gonna cum! Ah!' I moaned,

"I'm gonna cum! Ah! Yes! Shove your c**k hard inside me! Ah! Ah!" she moaned and I did really, then...

"I'm CUMMING! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" we screamed and my seed spews out and inside Sarah, then overflows her pussy. We panted hard and whenwe caught our breath I have to ask.

"Sarah? Why did you cal me Michael during sex?" I asked sternly,

"Well...I...I...uh....hehehehee." she stuttered yet giggled,

"Were you fantasizing about having sex with Michael?" I kinda scolded,

"...No." she slowly answered,

"Don't lie to me Sarah." I exclaimed,

"Okay! Yes I was fantasizing about having sex with Michael Jackson! I don't know what came over me. I got all horny after I smelled you when you put on the body spray." she explained,

"Okay. I forgive you. I guess I have no problem with women having sex fantasies about Michael." I said, the door bell sounds.


"Crap! It's my mom! She's bought Hinata home." she panicked,

"I'll go get her and you get dress." I rushed as I put my pants on and headed downstairs to get Hinata and I don't care if I'm shirtless.

"Hi Leona." I said,

That's Leona Kiss, Sarah's mother, my mother-in-law and Hinata's grandmother, she looks very young in her 40's, but ans awesome woman, no wonder Sarah got the sexy looks, because she's a spitting image of her mother.

"I came to drop Hinata home and...what's going on here?" she asked,

"Oh well I uh..." I stuttered,

"Were you and Sarah having se..." I blocked Hinata's ears,

"Aahnananana! Leona, can't let the baby hear that word yet and yes." I said,

"Okay then. Bye bye Hinata. I'll come back to see you again." she said in baby talk and Hinata giggles,

"Bye Joe." she said and left,

"Bye Leona." I said as I closed the door,

"Hey Hinata. Did you have a good day with grandma and grandpa?" I baby talked with Hinata and she smiles,

"Wanna see mommy?" I asked, she just smiled, Sarah found us completely dresses,

"Hi Hinata." she kissed her,

"How is your day baby?" she asked and Hinata giggled.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:46 pm

*Alternate cover



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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:55 pm

Leona Kiss Story

As Leona dropped our baby girl home, she got back to her car and drove off, then later she stopped and parked at the parking spot behind the high school.

"Oh god! What was that sweet smell on Joe?" she said to herself moaning,

"He smells like Michael Jackson's essence for some reason." she thought, she unbuckled off her seatbelt, leans back, unzipped her jeans and stuffs her hand down to her crotch while at the same time puts her other hand to her other hand to her breast from the inside.

"Oh! Oh! Oooh dear! Ah!" she moans,

"Ah! Oh! Why am I thinking of Michael like this? Ah! Oh! Does this count as me cheating my husband? Oh!" she thought still moaning,

"Oh! Michael! Ah! Save me! Aah!" she moans,


Leona was sleeping in her bed and Michael was there to wake her up,

"Wake up sunshine." he smiled,

"Mmm, morning Michael." Leona said as she she woke up, then she saw that she's naked,

"Eek! Did you just see me..." Leona was about to aske, but Michael puts his finger to her lips,

"Shh, I love your body and you shouldn't be ashamed." he said,

"Well, it's not that I'm ashamed, I'm just...shy." Leona said,

"Then I'll join you." Michael said and strips off his clothes, naked.

"Oooh wow. RAWR!!" she makes a perverted face and pounced on Michael and she puts his p***s in her mouth and starts sucking on Michael.

"Oooh. I love your p***s Michael." Leona smiled and starts licking the tip playfully,

"Oh! I would think that...Oh!" Michael moans, Leona continues to suck on Michael some more for 5 minutes, then she places herself onto Michael cowgirl style.

"Oh! Michael! I can't believe I'm having sex with you. Oh! It's every women's dream. Ah!" she moans,

"I can never imagine any women would...Oh!" Michael said as he moaned, later Leona got off of Michael, then Michael places himself into her doggy position and thrusts her good.

"Oh yeah baby! Ah! Yes! Oh! Yes! Keep thrusting my pussy. Ah!" she moans,

"You're so warm and wet inside. Oh! Ah!" Michael moans,

"Oh! That turns me on so much to hear you say that. Ah! Ah! Yes!" she moaned,

"Oh! You're bad. Ah!" he moaned,

"No. Ah! You're bad. Ah! Oh! Yes!" she moaned, later they wanted to finish loving by doing missionary.

"Oh! Michael! You're a hot lover. Ah! I think I'm gonna cum. Ah!" she moaned,

"Me too. Ah! Ah!" he moaned and thrusts Leona harder as he can feel an orgasm reaching,

"Cum inside me Michael. Save my my craving needs. Ah! Aah!" she moans louder,

"I'm cumming! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!" they both scream as Leona can feel Michael's warm seed spewing out inside her.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Leona screams of orgasm when she leaks her juice soaking her panties and fingers. She was exhausted from her masturbation her head collapsed to the car wheel and...


"Ah!" she screams as the car horn sounds to snap her out,

"Oh my god. I gotta wipe my fingers and sanitize them." she said to herself as she opened her glove compartment and found tissues and a sanitizer. After she wipes and sanitize her fingers, her body heat is still raging on her and starts her car and drove home fast.

As she arrives home, she rushes in to the house and found her husband Sean. Also Sarah's father, Hinata's grandfather and my father in law, Sean looks just like a twin of Billy Ray Cyrus, because he has the same hair length and same goatee as Cyrus. He also happens to be an avid Edmonton Oilers fan, his favourite players are Mark Messier, Ryan Smyth and now Jordan Eberle. No wonder Sarah loves the Oiler, she has the blood of the Oiler like her father, which I am also the blood of the Boston Bruins like I have with my dad.

"Leona. That took you long to..." Sean was about to say, but cut from Leona's Fench kiss,

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Honey, let's have sex right now!" she said and they rushed off to their bedroom. Let's give them privacy.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

Postby Prince of Pop » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:00 pm

Monica Viscom Story

Terri is still unconscience from her very first sex dream over Michael, then Monica came home.

I've mentioned little of Monica Viscom earlier, she's Terri's older sister, I've met her way before I met Terri, she's a little darker than Terri is, dark skin and dark hair and she's also friends with Sarah and Jenna and a couple more girls for which I will take about later on. As I mentioned that she fights anyone who picks on her sister, she's a really fun girl to hang out with and she loves to tease, mainly around me. She once told me that she would love to bear my babies although I hesitated, but that was one of her teases and I bet she really took a big fancy on me. I guess she loves to flirt around me at times, she even wishes to marry me. Sorry Monica, too little too late.

She went inside the house and saw Terri laying unsconscience on the floor in front of the door,

"Oh my god Terri! Terri? Terri!" she panicked trying to wake her little sister up, then she found her Michael Jackson X deodorant beside Terri, she picks it up and lifted Terri on her back and carried her upstairs to her room, she puts Terri to bed, then went to her room and sprayed the deodorant on herself.

"Mmm. Wow, Michael Jackson's essence smells so..."she said to herself until her heart starts to race,

"Good...Oh! Oh!" she moans, her hormones were raging and her loins were like inferno, she removes her clothes quickly naked, went to her bed and found the Vanity Fair September 2009 magazine with Michael on the cover and went to Michael's page of his photo shots and starts to masturbate.

"Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Michael baby! Ah!" Monica moans as she stares at all the shots of Michael,

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oooh! Yes!" she moaned, her other hand starts to stroke and rubs her own ass, then travels to her hips, navel area to her right breast and starts to pinch her dark nipple like she wanted Michael to do that to her.

"Oh Michael! I wanna make sweet love to you. Ah! Ah! Oh!" she moaned,


Monica found an open air hot springs in the woods and she saw Michael Jackson there, she decides to strip off her clothes and then asked to join Michael,

"Hi Michael. May I join you?" she asked in a sensual voice,

"Yeah sure." Michael answered though he didn't see her yet, she got in the hot spring, it was relaxing, then Michael finally notices her after she got in.

"Wow. You're cute. May I see you bikini?" she asked smiling,

"Sure baby. But I don't have a bikini on me." Monica smiled as she got up showing Michael her naked body,

"AH! What are you doing!?" he panicked, she slowly walked over to Michael,

"Oh come one baby. Don't you wanna see my killer knockers?" she asked as she pressed her breasts against Michael's chest,

"Do you really love my tits Michael?" she asked then she places his hand to her breast and...

"Aoh!" she moans, she made him rub her breast and she moans to Michael's ear,

"Ooh!", when she moaned to his ear Michael was getting big down to his swimming trunks,

"I wanna suck your hot p***s now." she whispered, kneels down, removes Michael's trunks and sucks on Michael. While sucking his p***s, she starts to masturbate, the intense heat from being sucked and the hot spring was excruciating for Michael.

"Let's get out. I can't take more of this heat." Michael said, they got out of the hot spring and Monica continues sucking Michael's erect p***s, after she's done sucking, she kisses the tip. She sat down showing her pussy to Michael,

"Oh. Place you c**k inside me baby." Monica said, he did and they started a missionary move, he thrusts her good and hard, at the same time, Michael rubs and plays with her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"Oh! Yeah! Play with my nipples Michael. Ah! Ah" she moans, later she got up and started licking and sucking Michael's nipples,

"Oh!" Michael moaned, they're now doing a cowgirls position, Michael starts to lick and suck on Monica's nipples first,

"Oooh! Suck my nipples Michael. Ooooh! Suck on them as much as you want." she moaned and then Michael thrusts her hard,

"Ah! Ah! Oh! Yes! Yes! Ah!" Monica moaned, then Michael grabs her ass,

"Oh yeah! Spank my ass Michael. Ah! Ah! Oh! Aowh!" she moans as Michael smacks Monica's ass,

"Oh yeah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh! I'm gonna cum!" Monica moaned, Michael thrusts Monica harder and faster as they're both ready to reach orgasm,

"I'm ready to cum. Ah! Ah!" Michael moaned,

"Oh! Yes! Yes! Squirt your hot cum inside me Michael! Ah! Ah! Yes!" Monica moaned,

Then they finally reached orgasm in time.

"I'm cumming! Ah! Ah! I'm cumming! Ah!" she moaned louder,

"Me too! Ah!" he moaned,

"Aah! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" as Michael spews his seed and Monica feels his warm seed inside, they both scream louder.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Monica screams and leaks on her bed sheets leaving a stain and her face collapsed beside the magazine and catching her breath.

"Monica, are you okay?" it was Terri knocking on her door,

"Eek! Uh..just hold on. Don't come in!" she panicked,

"But I heard you screaming and I was so...worried..." Terri said as she opened the door and stopped as she saw Monica naked,

"Having sex fantasies about Michael?" Terri asked,

"Yeah." Monica answered,

"I have too." Terri said,

"Really?" Monica asked,

"Yeah. I tried the Michael Jackson X body spray and then...I touched myself thing of Michael." Terri hides her blushing face,

"Terri, it's okay to have sex dreams and it's healthy and normal to masturbate." Monica said,

"Are you sure it's okay?" Terri asked, a little teary eyed,

"Yeah. I masturbated at times, then a little more often. " Monica explains with a smile as Terri holds her cheeks to hide her blush yet smiles,

"You have sex dream about Michael all the time?" Terri asked,

"Yeah an...Joe" Monica said,

"...Joe too?" Terri asked really shocked,

"Heeheeehee. Yeah." Monica giggled and they both laughed.


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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

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Paula Simmons Story

*Warning this chapter contains threesome

Paula Simmons, Sarah's best friend, she of all P.Y.T. Girls is the most endowed girl of the group with the largest breasts, often uses them to attract me and yes she too is always after me. She wanted to marry me and also she's secretly a bisexual, don't ask why, like Aki, Paula is extremely perverted, she loves erotic stuff even more spicier ones like porn. She's also known as "Winnipeg Girl", "Winnipeg Blonde" and "Well Endowed Winnipeg Girl" due to the fact that she's from Winnipeg, Manitoba and she's also a fan of the Winnipeg Jets and her favourite player is Evander Kane.

Paula found the Michael Jackson X deodorant very happily,

"Yay! I finally found Michael Jackson X. I can't wait to try it out." she said to herself, she paid for the body spray and drove home so she can spray the deodorant on. As she made it home, she rushes inside the house to her room and finally sprayed onto herself.

"Oh yeah. Oooh, I feel tingly inside." she moans, she wiggles and giggles, then her heart thumps,

"Ah! Oh! I feel all horny. Ah!" she moans, she strips off her entire clothes, rubbing her large breasts,

"Ah! Oh! Yes! I can feel my sex drive. Ah! Ah!" she moans, then her loins were hot and wet down there, she bean to masturbate,

"Oh! Yes! That's the stuff. Ah! Ah! Oh! Yes!" Paula moans looking happy while touching herself,

"Oh! I want a threesome. Oh! Ah! Yes! Ah!" she moans,


Paula was in the sauna room alone and naked waiting for anyone to join her and it was warm like 84 F.

"Man I wish any men here to join me, that'd be so hot for a mixed sauna to have sex with which make me horny." Paula said to herself, then there are 2 people coming in, there was Michael Jackson and myself a...Hey! Wait a minute. Why am I in this? We're doing a threesome here!? Ugh! Fine, but I'm not happy about this. Anyways, moving on...

"Huh? Paula!? Why are you naked and what are you doing here!?" I shrieked,

"Ain't this sauna room for men only?" Michael asked,

"Oh no, this is mixed, so..." Paula pervertedly smiles and pours water on the rocks to steam up the room and she continued,

"I really need satisfaction and I guess got more than what I need." she slowly walked up towards us with her gigantic breasts jiggling, I started to get a nosebleed over that and she went and french kissed Michael while she grabs my p***s underneath my towel and she also grabs Michael's p***s,

"I want a threesome boys." she purrs as she licks her lips from kissing Michael and she stroke our p***ses to erect them longer and they're big enough that they pushed our towels off and surprised Paula,

"Ooooh. Look how long and hard you boys got. Who shall I suck on first?" she said smiling and red. At the same time Michael and I were getting hot and barely move because of the sauna was getting hotter by the second which is now 112 F and Paula makes a decision.

"I'll suck your c**k first Joe." she said, Oh jeez, I knew she'd pick me, so she finally puts my p***s in her mouth and starts sucking it while she masturbates Michael's p***s,

"Ah! Paula why a threesome? Ah!" I moaned,

"Why us? Ah! Can't you pick one of us to...Oh! Have sex with? Ah!" Michael moaned,

"It's more exciting to have threesome with you two. Besides, you were my top choices to have sex with and it's my fantasy. Mmmm. Oh Joe, I love your c**k so much. I'll suck yours shortly Michael. Mmmmmmm." Paula said and continues sucking on me while stroking Michael. Then she teases me by flicking her tongue to my top and started licking it silly.

"Oh Paula!" I moaned,

"Now, your turn Michael." Paula smiles, then starts sucking on his p***s while stroking mine, she eveb did the same way with his tip like she did to me,

"Oh! Don't tease me there Paula." Michael moaned,

"You're just too delicious I can't resist." Paula said, she continues sucking for 5 minutes, then Michael and I startd sucking on her tits,

"Oh! Yeah! Tease my nipples. Ah!" Paula moans, we teased her niples by licking them silly which tickles her, she loves her breasts being fondled and sucked on and it goes on for 10 minutes.

Later, Michael thrusts Paula in doggy position while she again sucks on my p***s, we were moaning like crazy sounding like there was an orgy in the sauna, Michael squeezes Paula's ass hard as he thrusts harder like he's ready to cum,

"I'm gonna cum Paula!" Michael moaned,

"I think I'm gonna cum too!" I moaned, she got my p***s out of her mouth,

"I'm gonna cum too boys. Ah! Ah! Cum a big load! Ah! Oh! Ah!" she moaned as she strokes my p***s faster, then our orgasms are reached,

"Ah! I'm cumming! AAAAH!!!" I screamed,

"AAAAAAOOH!!!" Michael screamed,

"AAAAAAAAH YEEEESS!!!!" Paula screamed, I squirt my seed at Paula's face while Michael squirts his inside Paula.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAH YEEEESS!!!!" Paula screams as she squirts herself out and collapsed face first to the floor and catches her breath,

"Oooh yeah. I love a good hard threesome. That was so hot." she said to herself, she slowly gets up and looked in front of the mirror, smiling as she touches her breasts,

"I wonder what it feels like when I suck my titty." she thought, she lifts up her right breast and starts sucking and licking her nipple and she stops,

"Oooh! That tickles." she giggles,

"Maybe I'll do that again when I hve another sex dream." she thought to herself and she puts her clothes and she starts to watch her "Penguins Of Madagascar" DVD.

I can't believe I'm being talked into this. I knew Paula was perverts, buyt why would she think of having a threesome which includes me!? Wait...Oh it's her sex fantasy. I forgot that it's just a sex story. Good thing Sarah isn't involved. HA!
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Re: Michael Jackson X Deo Short Stories

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Erica Zuzic Story

Erica Zuzic, another best friends of Sarah's, she's the average normal girl, though she's really fun and loves to watch cartoons, even with me. She's very athletic too, because she loves sports, she loves to watch hockey as well, she dreams of playing for the Canadian Women's Hockey team, she's also a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I guess she loves to hate Montreal Canadiens as I do. She loves to go to the beach and also loves to go there with me though I'm a married man and she still considers me a special friend. I often heard secretly that she wanted to be my girl instead of Sarah. She loves Michael Jackson for over 15 years since the beginning of the HIStory Era.

Erica went inside the pharmacy and found a Michael Jackson X deodorant, there were about a few left and she knew she have to buy the deodorant and fast. She paid for it and headed back home swiftly. As she made it home, she went down to the rec room in the basement.

"Whew. I finally go the MJ X body spray. Fire away." she said to herself and sprays herself on,

"Wow. Lovely fragrance, I can't believe I'm gonna smell like Michael Jack...son..." she stopped as her heart thumps hard, then speeds up, her legs were shaking and her knees drops.

"What the hell is happening to me?" she pants, then her body heat increased harshly and started touching her breasts,

"Oh! Am I touching myself? Oh! Ah! I am. I'm mastubating my pussy. Ah! Ah!" Erica thought as she moans,

"Ah! Oh! Oh Michael. I'm craving for you. Ah! Ah!" she moans, then she licks her lips.


It was dark, yet a mild summer night at the beach, Erica was wearing an orange bikini with red polka dots and she's standing on shore feeling the summer breeze against her body and the moon was full. She notices a dark shadow beside her, it was Michael Jackson's shadow for which he's actually 10 feet away from Erica, she saw Michael wearing a red trunks with black stripes, then she stares at his butt and she puts her finger to her lips licking her finger.

"Mmmm...what a sexy ass...Ooooooh...." she quietly said to herself,

"Did you say something Erica?" Michael asked,

"Uh. Nothing. Wanna walking with me along the beach?" she asked,

"Sure.", they walked along the beach for 15 minutes, then she leads him to the wooded area,

"Why did you take me to the woods in front of the beach? Is something wrong wrong? Michael asked, then Erica pressed herself against Michael's body,

"I'm just craving for you Michael. I just can't hold it anymore." Erica said, blushing, sweating and gives Michael a good French kiss,

"Erica..." Michael was speechless from the kiss,

"The truth is Michael, I...I love you." Erica confessed,

"Erica!" Michael kissed Erica back and pushes her down to the ground, then his hand went inside Erica's top rubbing her right breast, then he strips off his trunks, then Erica pulls her strings from her sides taking off her thong and took off her top and finally both naked, Michael shoves his p***s into Erica's pussy and started a missionary move.

"Oh Michael. Oh! oh! Rock me hard! Ah!" Erica moans,

"I love you Erica. Oh! Oh!" Michael moans, while he thrusts her, she masturbates along,

"Your c**k feels so good inside me Michael. Ah! Ah!" she moans,

"Can you get up please?" Michael asked and Erica got up,

"And can you go against the tree?" he asked again,

"Okay. Why?" she asked,

" I wanna try this move." he said as he lifted her left leg and put his p***s back inside her and continues thrusting her,

"Ah! Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh! Ah! Yes!' she moaned,

"Keep thrusting your big c**k inside my pussy Michael!" she screams,

"Ah! Wow! You're so hot and wet inside Erica. Ah!" he moaned, that move went on for 5 minutes, Michael let's go of Erica's leg and started thrusting her good in dog position.

"Oh! Yeah! That's hot. Ah! Ah!" Erica moans as she can feel rhythm of each thrusts form Michael and Michael grabs her ass hard,

"I'm gonna cum Erica. Oh! Ah!" Michael moaned,

"I'm gonna cum too Michael. Ah! Ah!" Erica moaned,

Michael did thrust Erica hard, the harder he thrusts, the faster they're gonna cum their hearts out as their orgasm reached.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Ah! Ah! Ah!" Erica moaned,

"Oh! Here I cum! Ah! AAAAAAAAAH!!!" Michael moaned and screamed as he squirts his seed inside her,

"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON!!!" Erica screamed as her juice and Michael's seed spews out of her.

(End of Dream)

"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON!!!" Erica screams and squirts out her pussy juice soaking up her panties, her fingers and her shorts,

"Whew. That was intense." she thought, the she removes her fingers from her panties and saw how wet her fingers are,

"I can't believe I did that over having a sex dream about Michael." she said to herself and blushes deeply,

"Ah well, time to change my panties and get out of these shorts.", Erica took off her soaked shorts and panties off and found a clean panties and decided to wear pants instead of shorts.

"Ah. That's better." she said.
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